Sai Kung Tutors is an experienced educational service based in the Sai Kung area. We provide expert private tuition right in the comfort of your home for any English speaking child, student or adult.

Sai Kung Tutors offers a wide range of academic subjects to help you succeed in your area of need. We value interactive lessons and aim to inspire student confidence. At Sai Kung Tutors, we believe in quality tuition therefore we only provide qualified tutors who are passionate about what they teach.

We believe in building strong foundations for students to understand their subject and are set up for life. We want every student to access their greatest potential and grow in their learning abilities.

With this purpose in mind, we consistently see student results naturally following. Our purpose is to encourage success and see students grown in their understanding week by week.

Sean Whaley


Sean started Sai Kung Tutors in 2010 with his family. Sean passionately believes in quality education therefore established a successful business to service Sai Kung and beyond.

Siobhan Whaley

Business Manager

Siobhan has over a decade of experience in educational administration and finance.

Tamerin Greyling


Tamerin joined Sai Kung Tutors in 2013. With an excellent resume and a charming demeanor we just had to have her on our team.