We offer tuition for core subjects as well as popular elective subjects. To enquire about a subject not listed below please get in touch via our contact page, we'd love to hear from you!










English Studies


Physical Education



One-to-One Tuition

Sai Kung Tutors is best known for it’s one-to-one expert private tuition. The beauty of private tuition is that we are able to adapt teaching styles and tailor-make lessons specifically to a student's personal learning preference.

The advantage created is that we are able to aim directly at a student’s need or ability, while avoiding the dreary class learning average. We believe this is the most adaptable learning method allowing students to have specific focused attention. It is always in our best interest to see students grow lesson by lesson.

We believe in investing all the qualified knowledge and skill we attain into our students so they can expand in their understanding of their subject. Our one-to-one lessons are taught in the comfort of your home.

Group Tuition

While one-to-one private tuition is our most common request, we understand that some students prefer to learn in a group setting therefore we also offer group lessons for some of our subjects. This is a great option for more shy students who want to gain confidence in their learning ability and knowledge.

Group lessons are perfect to learn in an interactive environment with other students making it more comfortable for students to grow. Group lessons are taught in our learning centre in Sai Kung Town.