We love hearing from you! Here’s what our students have to say about their progress.

Thank you SKT, you really came through for my son when he needed it.

Sue, James' Mum

Dear Sai Kung Tutors. I’m very impressed with both the service and Tutors to date!

Robert Vaughan

Marcus and Mavis have just been accepted into Harrow International School! Thank you Mr Trevor for your lessons on interview technique and conversation. We are so happy!

Yao Yao Chan

Jake has made such a brilliant step forward in his Mathematical abilities. Honestly it was brilliant to watch the transformation form someone who really struggled with Maths to someone who was able to actually achieve good results, particularly in Algebra. Thank you Conrad for facilitating this.

Sue Parsons

This note is to let you know how pleased we were with the sessions that Charlotte had with Alex. Over the summer he has managed to instill in her confidence and curiosity, something she has never had when it comes to maths! Charlotte commented regularly how fun Alex made learning maths, and in ways that helped her understand how to process the problems

Karen Dalgleish

Keith from Sai Kung Tutors visited Alex during his A level year to assist with Maths and Physics study. They quickly became a team collaborating to solve problems each week. Due to Alex’s efforts, and Keith’s excellent communication and guidance Alex was able to achieve his target grades. He was most satisfied with A star for Maths!

Louise Schumacher

My three boys were recently thinking back to their first Saturday morning math lesson with Sean. They said they were dreading the lesson but after meeting Sean and his no-nonsense (but fun) approach, they very much enjoyed it. They are still happy to have lessons with Sean and it’s been over a year! Their grades have improved, they have gone up one set in math and they have confidence on exam day. Thank you SKT and Sean for your continued hard work and helping the boys achieve good results.

Jacqueline Walsh

My son used to think Math’s was torture and a waste of time. SKT has revolutionized his grades and now Phillip thinks Math’s is his favourite subject. He evens wants to be a Math’s tutor when he grows up.

Wendy, Phillip's mum

Tammy has been amazing. Tristan (12) was almost scared of math and hated it. Thanks to Tammy’s approach, skills and method, he has got a lot better, gets things and has even started to like it. It has truly changed a lot for his whole academic level. After gaining the confidence, he is now even asking for specific help and told me the other day that without Tammy he would never be at the level he is now. A kid in class struggles with math a lot (tears), and all Tristan could say was, ‘he really needs a Tammy’. Thank you so much SKT!!

Sharon Schenkel

Keith is great! Lilly is very happy after their first session.

Michael Armstrong