We love hearing from you! Here’s what our students have to say about their progress.

Thank you SKT, you really came through for my son when he needed it.

Sue, James' Mum

Thank you so much Mr James for teaching my Daughter throughout the last 3 years. She has just completed her HKDSE English and got a 5*! She also got accepted into her 1st choice of University, Chinese University for Psychology. We are very grateful and Karen is delighted with her results

Alison and Karen Woo

Sai Kung Tutors have worked with our 10 year old boy for about 3 years. Our son enjoys learning in the active and engaging environment with his tutors and he always looks forward to his weekly sessions. We have seen him grow in confidence and improve in school. Thank you for all your hard work and for always encouraging our son to do better.

Gary and Michelle Chan

The girls are thoroughly enjoying the math lessons with Tammy and their attitude to math has completely changed for the better!

Malin Curello

Keith is great! Lilly is very happy after their first session.

Michael Armstrong

Jake has made such a brilliant step forward in his Mathematical abilities. Honestly it was brilliant to watch the transformation form someone who really struggled with Maths to someone who was able to actually achieve good results, particularly in Algebra. Thank you Conrad for facilitating this.

Sue Parsons

My son used to think Math’s was torture and a waste of time. SKT has revolutionized his grades and now Phillip thinks Math’s is his favourite subject. He evens wants to be a Math’s tutor when he grows up.

Wendy, Phillip's mum

Our kids are just loving there English lessons with Mr Richard and Miss Tammy. Sean has learnt to blend his sounds and read within 2 weeks and he is constantly asking us to check his writing at home. May really looks forward to her lessons and they both come home with big smiles. Thank you so much for helping our children

Kumi Baxter

Alice has been so importance in positively affecting my daughter’s attitude toward Chinese studies and the long term benefit of maintaining a positive attitude toward schooling.

William Green

Sean has been great with both my sons my eldest went up a set in Maths and is predicted an A at IGCSE and says “he gets it with Sean” my youngest now has the confidence to try and in doing so gets it right. Thank you Sean for all your patience.

Fiona Bojan